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It's cover reveal day!

It's cover reveal day! I'm so so excited to be able to show you this stunning cover for my debut book, and drop a first look at the blurb. Eeeeep. THE WANDERER: Nothing can stand in the way of love, not even death. Alone in the world, Maggie only has her visits to her nan to look forward to. When the most popular boy in school saves her life she has no idea why he is suddenly acting like a different person. Stuck between life and death, Ryder spends his days wandering around unseen by the living. When the girl he loves walks into danger, Ryder breaks the number one Wanderer’s rule: he saves her life. But how can a Wanderer and a living girl ever reach their happily ever after? For those who enjoy heart-wrenching teenage romance with a touch of the paranormal, The Wanderer is a moving and compelling YA romance dealing with first love and growing up. OUT 7th OCTOBER! You can preorder a signed copy from my publisher here: Add to Goodr

Cover reveal COMING SOON!

 Ahhhh I've been told by my publisher that there will be a cover reveal very soon for The Wanderer!  I can't wait to show it off, it's SO pretty and suits the book perfectly! The design team at Firefly Press have done an amazing job on it.  I'm currently sitting on my hands so I don't reveal it too early... *chants* Must not show anyone, must not show anyone, must not... 

*taps mic* Is this thing on?

So, this is the first website I've ever built. I must admit, I did stare at it for a few hours not having a clue where to start. It's been a lot learning on the job but I'm hoping it's all in working order now!  So... if you can see this, hi!  I'm Josie and now I guess it's official that I am an author. UK and Commonwealth rights to my debut Young Adult novel, The Wanderer , sold to Firefly Press and is scheduled for publication in October this year. The book is a paranormal romance that I spent almost four years writing. I can't wait to give you more details as soon as I'm allowed, but for now I'll just tell you that writing Ryder and Maggie's story was something completely different for me and I am so in love with the characters and their poignant and slightly twisted love story.  Last week I saw the first draft mock-up options for the cover and OMG it's all getting so real now. Did I have a little tear about it? No, of course not! (The lie