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*taps mic* Is this thing on?

So, this is the first website I've ever built. I must admit, I did stare at it for a few hours not having a clue where to start. It's been a lot learning on the job but I'm hoping it's all in working order now! 

So... if you can see this, hi! 

I'm Josie and now I guess it's official that I am an author. UK and Commonwealth rights to my debut Young Adult novel, The Wanderer, sold to Firefly Press and is scheduled for publication in October this year. The book is a paranormal romance that I spent almost four years writing. I can't wait to give you more details as soon as I'm allowed, but for now I'll just tell you that writing Ryder and Maggie's story was something completely different for me and I am so in love with the characters and their poignant and slightly twisted love story. 

Last week I saw the first draft mock-up options for the cover and OMG it's all getting so real now. Did I have a little tear about it? No, of course not! (The lie detector determined that was not the truth!).

Anyway, I've spent way too many hours staring at this site now, so I'm clocking off and going to have a drink or two to celebrate my genius. 

More from me soon.

Josie x